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Instarem money transfer service is a cost-effective way for individuals and businesses to transfer funds around the 


What We Did

Instarem strategically partnered with Prime Image Media Group (PIMG) to execute a series of targeted campaigns aimed at scaling users within the Filipino American segment for their money transfer service. By leveraging PIMG's expertise and resources, Instarem implemented a highly effective and integrated marketing approach specifically utilizing our Customized Marketing Strategies, Events and Field Marketing Solutions, Media Buying Services, and Broadcast and Digital Partnerships Through PIMG, Instarem effectively executed a comprehensive marketing campaign that significantly increased visibility and drove user sign-ups within the Asian American segment. The campaign's success was attributed to PIMG's deep understanding of the community, allowing Instarem to position itself as a trusted and preferred money transfer service for Asian Americans sending money overseas. 


California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

What We Did

The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sought to expand and encourage sign-ups for the Real ID initiative among a diverse audience, particularly targeting multi-ethnic communities. Solsken Public Relations & Marketing collaborated with Prime Image Media Group (PIMG) to leverage our media partnerships and creative expertise. We adapted broadcast creatives into Asian languages, ensuring effective communication with the Asian community through culturally relevant content, driving higher engagement.


In addition to broadcast initiatives, PIMG utilized our media partners' social profiles to advocate signing up for Real ID among the multi-ethnic audience. This social media approach facilitated personalized interactions, building confidence in the Real ID application process. The campaign's comprehensive marketing and media strategy increased awareness and accessibility to the Real ID initiative, encouraging participation from diverse backgrounds. 

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Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) non-profit serving over 500 members since to 1985 to promote and advocate for business and trade in the Oakland Asian Community 

What We Did

We designed a brochure that seamlessly blending information and creativity, this comprehensive document was employed as a vibrant educational tool for the OCCC’s members and public. The design was thoughtfully orchestrated to paint a compelling narrative of the past three years of initiatives, using a combination of vivid graphics, bold text, and interactive elements to engage readers. Not only did the brochure bring to light the accomplishments of the past three years, but it also underlined the growth, transformation, and resilience of the organization in a dynamic, memorable fashion. The brochure demonstrated the dedication and innovative approach that encapsulated the essence of the organization, leaving an indelible impact on every reader, and fostering a deeper understanding of the organization's values, objectives, and journey.

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XDS Bike Co is a place dedicated to cultivating the bicycle community while enhancing your cycling experience and producing quality bikes.

What We Did

Our unique approach to paid advertising campaigns integrates data-driven insights with customer psychology, ensuring that every ad dollar spent creates meaningful connections and drives potential customers. For XDS Bikes, we've meticulously crafted campaigns that focus not only on the superior quality of their bicycles but also on the experiences they offer - the rush of the ride, the outdoor adventures, and the unmatched thrill of pedaling down new trails. By highlighting these core values, we've been successful in connecting with a highly specific audience: passionate cyclists and adventurous spirits.

The power of our paid advertising efforts is compounded by our robust social media marketing strategy. We believe in the power of community and conversations. Therefore, we've built and nurtured a vibrant online community for XDS Bikes on various social media platforms. By regularly posting engaging content, running interactive contests, and promptly addressing queries, we've humanized the brand, resulting in enhanced brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Our multi-channel approach, with a focus on delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time, has resulted in increased brand visibility, customer engagement, and sales conversions for XDS Bikes. We, at Prime Image Media, take immense pride in this success and continually strive to push boundaries and exceed expectations in delivering phenomenal results for all our clients.

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