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As the Bay Area’s most innovative media representation firm, Prime Image Media Group (PIMG) places focus on making it easy to navigate the Asian Market. With the founding partners boasting over 20 years of experience in the Asian market, Prime Image carries the ability to execute in all areas of TV, Digital, Print and Events.

At Prime Image we hold ourselves to the highest standard of research, data, and concepts. This is why we have created a site that provides you with instant data so that you are better informed when making a decision about your media strategy.
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Our media partners reach over One Million Asians Daily


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100’s of events, from data collection to brand ambassadors. It’s not who you have, but how you train them.

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Our belief is that general market wide research is positive for all.


Michael Moon is a highly creative professional in sales, marketing and business development. Michael continues to moves organizations by his innovative ideas. He is great at creating and executing, and also great at troubleshooting for projects and clients that need his expertise. I enjoyed working with Michael Moon for several years and would continue to work with him for any future projects

Christina L.

Manila Genesis Entertainment

Michael is a big effort guy. His organization skills and enthusiasm makes everything he touches gold.

James K.

Vice President, Convention Television

Michael is always thorough and careful with his decisions and always looks effortless while executing the task. He is full of energy and will take on any challenge with gusto.

Sylvia S.

Social Media Consulting